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WebSpirit Internet Browser - About Us! About The WebSpirit Internet Browser Project

What is the WebSpirit Internet Browser Project?
Well it all started with several internet browser, from Internet
Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
With each system having their own special features and glitches
I had decided to put together a browser from each special part of the
Browser Technology that I liked most except the glitches of course.

Hi, my name is Charles O'Brien.
Creator, developer & designer of WebSpirit Internet Browser.

Since working with computers for over 13 years, I have seen
just about every working and non-working browser.
So with the problems that I myself, and my clients have had
with browsers, I took the time to start and develope a free
internet browser that is based on the core of Internet Explorer
and the features, style and productivity of Firefox.

Feel free to comment on our support pages, and also recommend
anything you would like to see in upcoming additions to this
great browser.

My ideal browser is Speed, Realiability & Security!

Have fun browsing,

Charles O'Brien

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