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WebSpirit Internet Browser - Plugins & Add-on's WebSpirit Plugins

Download the plugin you would like, then install.
Plugin will automatically be installed within WebSpirit.
Then Restart WebSpirit Browser.

Set Page Fixedsys Font => Download (1k)
Set Page Verdana Font => Download (1k)
Page Mouse Unlock => Download (2k)
Image Best Fit Width => Download (1k)
Flash Save => Download (5k)
Kill Flash Ad => Download (1k)
Kill Flying Ad => Download (1k)
Kill Ad (= Kill Flash Ad + Kill Flying Ad) => Download (2k)
Kill Banner Ad => Download (1k)
Show Flying => Download (1k)
//the next two plugins need install RoboForm
roboform save form
=> Download (2k)
roboform fill form => Download (2k)

Page Zoom => Download (1k)
Page Zoom 50% => Download (1k)
Page Zoom 100% => Download (1k)
Page Zoom 150% => Download (1k)
Page Zoom Less => Download (1k)
Page Zoom More => Download (1k)
Image Zoom by Mouse Wheel => Download (1k)
Kill Frame => Download (1k)
Status Bar Display Unlock => Download (1k)
Kill Style Sheets => Download (2k)
List Colors Used => Download (2k)
Page Dependencies => Download (2k)
Remove all Background => Download (2k)
Get Page Size => Download (2k)
View Name => Download (2k)
Liquid Layout => Download (2k)
Full Page Room => Download (2k)
Blur Page => Download (2k)
Reverse Page Color => Download (2k)
True Page Color => Download (2k)
Gray Page Color => Download (2k)
Ink Effect => Download (2k)
Previous Page => Download (2k)
Next Page => Download (2k)
View Page => Download (28k)
jsCookier => Download (15k)
DisableScrollbarColors => Download (2k)
Boss Key => Download (2k)
Edit Html => Download (1k)
High Light Link => Download (2k)
Link Under Line => Download (2k)
Run Clipboard Code =>Download (4k)
Visit =>Download (3k)
View rank => Download (1k)
View IP address of current page => Download (1k)
Media Play => Download (3k)
Visualize Download (2k)
Translate Page => Download (3k)
TianyaRead => Download (4k)
Enable all disable objects Download (2k)
Exit GreenBrowser => Download (1k)
Send Key To Page => Download (1k)
Open Clipboard URL => Download (2k)

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